Counselling is most effective for those who are experiencing challenges in their life that are either reoccurring or they have a more pressing immediate need to address a past crisis or distress they are currently facing.

For example if your quality of life is reduced or impaired by your thoughts, fears or behaviours counselling can help you get some perspective as to why this is happening right now and through collaborative exploration help you to find new or alternative life enhancing views and create more choice.

How it works

Get in touch to arrange an initial, confidential 30 minute meeting to discuss your needs and see if we feel we can work together. There is no charge for this meeting as it is about you finding a good working partner.

If you are happy that we can work together we agree a mutually convenient time and place to meet regularly where you can be comfortable. Sessions are a therapeutic hour of 50 minutes.
A course of treatment is agreed upon of anywhere between 6-16 weeks and payment is accepted in advance or monthly.

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