Viv Allen, Success Coach and Trusted Counsellor

Clear out the sh*t in your head so you can start to live through your heart.

Showing you how to shift through the sh*t in your head and on your desk, so you can start to live through your heart doing only what you love. Clearing up the past so you can feel free to be fully alive in the present. Clients who work with me feel more connected, joyful and energised to take control of their life, getting the results they want and deserve. I help women to grow stronger so you can reach your true potential.


Hi I’m Viv,

I help business owners to rediscover the joy in what they do, live free from fear, and to grow strong so they have the courage to take action.

Whether you are connecting with your ideal client, connecting with your loved ones it seems living today is all about your ability to be, and stay connected.

Yet if you cannot connect with your own heart, how will you be able to connect with those love and serve?

As a business owner and a mother, I know that when I am relaxed and joyful, I feel more confident. When I am more confident I take courageous action and that moves my business forward in the direction I want it to go. When I have clarity and direction in my business, I find I have more time and energy to be present with my family.

It’s a win win. I want to help you get out of your head and into your heart. Stop thinking of all you have to do and start feeling. That way you too can connect with joy and courage needed to develop and grow your business. When your business flourishes so do you and your family can too.

What if you were free from fear and filled with joy?

How would it feel to be courageous enough to take action towards your ultimate success.

I believe your success is inevitable.

You don’t believe me?

What if you had support along that road to ultimate success, someone who can light up the path ahead?

As a trusted counsellor I have over a decade of experience working private clients to overcome significant emotional challenges. I can confidently guide you, shining light in the darkness. Getting to know who you are and what drives you through life. This is the first step to reconnecting with your heart, so can live with joy and courage.

Do you want to get a clear view of the way forward and create more success at home and at work?


Work with me and get back into the driving seat of your life.

Using my Steps to Success framework together we will help you to challenge old habitual thinking and clarify your goals. Discover your true destination and map out your own route to success. You can feel joy in your heart and pleasure in what you do.

Are you ready to live free from fear and have the confidence to take courageous action?

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How will you know if I am the right life coach for you?

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Here are some of the lovely comments previous clients say about working with me

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I am here for you, why not drop me a line.